Flash / ActionScript - projects (as of 2010)

Example 1: Banner for Adam Smith Institute

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Description: An animation prepared for Adam Smith Institute and their "Europe's favourite think tank website"


Example 2: Interactive application demo

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Description: Demonstration of iPhone application capable of controlling bathomatic bath filler process through iPhone and compatible mirror TV set. IMPORTANT! Drag the iPhone screen (like you would with your finger) to reveal bottom part of the application. Then press arrows to navigate through menu structure ('Special' menu only available)


Example 3: Interactive presentation for an agency (concept study)

Description: Concept studies for an interactive, on-line presentation. Client: Falcon Scott, London.


Example 4: Interactive web application concept study (smart shower (iShower) controller)

Description: JavaScript / jQuery webapp concept study: smart shower (iShower) controller (project state: suspended). Client: Unique Automation


Example 5: A banner controllable by a loader with a current position memory

Stand-alone banner:

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The same banner controlled by a loader and swapped with another banner (designed by another designer):

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Description: Banner integrated with flash pre-loader that swaps it with another banner after each cycle. The pre-loader stores the current playing position in a flash cookie. Refresh the screen to see the effect.

Note: the speed rate has been increased - it is dictated by the speed of the pre-loader.


Example 6: Photo player

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Description: A photo player using fades and tween events


Example 7: Bath state reader (a screenshot)

(a screenshot)(a screenshot)(a screenshot)(a screenshot)(a screenshot)

Description: Web application made for demonstration of bathomatic technology and for training purposes (so far internal project). This is an array of small players. Through PHP they read from a database current water temperature and level for each bath unit and represent it graphically on the screen. If the bath is available user can navigate to a page where he/she can control the bath through a special web interface and see live video (JavaScript 'slideshow' to be exact) of the bath.


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